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The 4 Generations – Next Steps – Part 7 of 7

Pessimist followed by Selfish followed by Cynical followed by Idealist generations in an ongoing cycle. Sociological manifestations of a 2500 year old spiritual conspiracy. Do you really believe it? Are you conscious of it?

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Equal and Opposite – 3 of 4

Newton’s famous third law of motion, the law of reciprocal actions, states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is true in physics, and physics, as we have always known, is all about relationships.
But it is also true in personal relationships, and the more intimate the relationship, the more profound the action and reaction.

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Sir David Attenborough made a comment about the larvae of the black simulium fly which finds it’s way under the skin to it’s host victim’s eye and then slowly and painfully blinds them. He wondered how a merciful God could have created such a thing. The statement, when examined logically, was one of disbelief in a merciful creator.

And it’s a good argument, worth discussing; but it is not a statement of disbelief in God. Then I read a blog asking whether God made a mistake when making the devil. The author’s argument – as much as I can follow it – is that because evil exists there cannot be any righteous God. It’s not a very good argument and not really worth discussing; but it is also not a statement of disbelief in God. The obvious answer to both questions is that God could quite easily be malicious or cruel or pretending to be just and merciful or God could even be inept.
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