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The 4 Generations – Next Steps – Part 7 of 7

Pessimist followed by Selfish followed by Cynical followed by Idealist generations in an ongoing cycle. Sociological manifestations of a 2500 year old spiritual conspiracy. Do you really believe it? Are you conscious of it?

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The 4 Generations – Idealist – Part 5 of 7

Alexander the Great, whom Daniel pictures rather unflatteringly as a male goat, was Aristotle’s pupil. Alexander was an idealist.


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Discretion is the better part of Twitter

So if you were to ask 793 of your closest Facebook friends and a further 2000 that are called “friends” (that actually are nothing of the kind) what they think of the Captain Morgan tattoo you’re thinking about getting in the fold of your left knee; you are going to get a very different opinion from them than if you actually sat down with each of them privately and asked them.
That’s the nature of the Social Media beast.
You need the opinions of those who will not be prepared to give their opinion in front of all your friends. That is because they already know what I am about to tell you.
So even if they are your “friends”, they’re not likely to tell you on Twitter or Facebook what you actually need to hear.
Are you with me so far?
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Google’s thesis of data

Einstein once said, “only daring speculation can lead us further, and not accumulation of facts.” It seems he was wrong, data is leading us further; but where is it leading us to? In a well researched article Wired’s Chris Anderson tells us that the scientific process is drowning, it seems unable to ‘tread data’.
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