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The 4 Generations – Idealist – Part 5 of 7

Alexander the Great, whom Daniel pictures rather unflatteringly as a male goat, was Aristotle’s pupil. Alexander was an idealist.


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science sceptic

I bought myself a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. It’s great, I’m really happy with it; it looks good, it’s waterproof; but I bought it because it will never need a battery replacement or a wind-up.
It’s powered very successfully, by the sun or artificial light – that was important because I live in Seattle.

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Google’s thesis of data

Einstein once said, “only daring speculation can lead us further, and not accumulation of facts.” It seems he was wrong, data is leading us further; but where is it leading us to? In a well researched article Wired’s Chris Anderson tells us that the scientific process is drowning, it seems unable to ‘tread data’.
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